The Seven Day Manuscript Machine

Edit your children's book to genius in only a week.

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The Seven Day Manuscript Machine, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod (front cover)  The Seven Day Manuscript Machine, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod (back cover)

An intense seven days...

If the world can be created in seven days, surely seven days is enough time to make your raw children's story really sing.

Straight from the Write Kids' Books blog, children's writer and editor Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod guides you through an intense seven days getting your manuscript ready for publishing.
Feed your story into the Seven Day Manuscript Machine and crank the handle to ...
  • Unscramble and pump up 3D characters 
  • Zoom in on precise vocabulary that delights readers 
  • Sculpt your story's natural breakpoints and flow 
  • Weed out the clichés that kill your originality 
  • Polish your plot to a shine
... And reveal the genius within your story.

Available now in paperback and digital versions.

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