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3 ridiculously easy ways to get more words down on paper (a guest post)


We’re heading overseas for our big family vacation in Canada, so I’m turning over the rudder to the experienced hands of Australian writer Ruth Barringham, who’s here to talk about…

3 Ridiculously Easy Steps to Writing More

imageWe all have the same amount of hours in a day and it's usually not possible to complete everything on our daily to do list.

This is especially true when it comes to writing because not only is it something that we put off doing to last every day, but find it hard to concentrate because of the nagging feeling that we should be doing something else.

But what if you could sit down and write every day with 100% focus on your work and write more in the same time?

Is that something that you like to do?

Then here is a simple three-part strategy that will change the way you work and give you better focus and make you more productive.

1. Create a writing routine and stick to it.

There's no point in "fitting in" your writing with everything else you do in a day. Instead, set aside time to write every day and stick to it. Tell yourself there is nothing else you have to do during this time and just right. Don't skip a day. Writing is now one of your priorities so it must be done.

2. Prepare.

Before you write a word, make sure that you've prepared to write, even if you're only working on a couple of short articles. Before you begin you need to know exactly what you'll be writing. This means you should have already done your necessary research and have an outline ready. That way all the hard work is already done which makes writing easy and enjoyable and this in turn will make for excellent writing, and you'll be able to write quickly.

3. Finish what you start.

It's no good jumping from one writing project to the next without finishing what you've already started. And you can't earn money from unfinished work. Also, staying the distance with every project you start and seeing it through to the end, builds a really good self-discipline habit, one that will benefit you for the rest of your life. So always finish what you start, publish it, and THEN move on.

And those are the three disciplines you need to accelerate your writing output and make you a better writer.

Create and stick to a writing routine. Set a time to write every day (or week) and do it.

Prepare yourself before you write so that you have an outline to follow which will make the actual writing process quick and easy.

And finish what you start. It's OK to move onto another writing project if you get bored with your current one, but pick it back up again and carry on with it as soon as you can.

These 3 simple strategies will help make you the successful writer you've always dreamed of being.

About the Author: Ruth Barringham is a professional freelance writer who earns all her income from her writing. At her inspirational website for writers she also teaches others to do the same. Sign up for free updates and you'll also receive 4 free eBooks for writers, at

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