Friday, June 13, 2014

Why we do what we do: the top 10 reasons to write children's books.

Writing for children can be the most rewarding of the literary arts and for those who have never considered such an adventure, here are the top 10 reasons for releasing your imagination:
  1. Fun - The number one reason for writing for children should be because it is fun! Writing for children can be inspiration, limitless and beautiful, and challenges the author to reach their creative potential.
  2. Endless opportunity - The opportunities in writing for children are literally endless. Because of the vast readership age range, subject matter can be incredibly flexible. The same topic will demand a variety of differing styles and of course nonfiction gives the potential for further exploration into educational material.
  3. Limitless potential - Writing for the child mind means limitless potential. Creating such diversity as fantastical landscapes, to subtle storylines, to the most colourful of characters, anything is possible. The author's creativity and imagination can go wild.
  4. Artwork - In writing for children, the author may often have the opportunity to compliment their work with pictures. Illustrations go hand in hand with children's books, and can help to create worlds that are all the more engaging to the reader.
  5. Teaching - Writing for children also gives the opportunity to teach. In early years, children's books are one of the main modes of learning for the child. Whether teaching to count, first words or rhyme, reading and learning to read are favoured activities. Children's story books also often contain important lessons for life, and can subtly introduce important moral ideas.
  6. Inspirational - Everybody remembers their favourite childhood books, where the mere thought of which can conjure the best of memories. Such opportunity to create inspiration for the reader, means writing for children can be an incredibly rewarding experience.
  7. Interactivity - Writing for children also gives great scope for interactivity. Children's books are not limited to paper; activity books offer a whole range of creative opportunities for the author to entertain.
  8. Thriving market - Children's literature is one of the most thriving of the literary markets, but is also one of the most competitive.
  9. Time span - Children's books are generally shorter than those for adults. Although this shouldn't be the reason for wanting to write for children, the fact that they are shorter means there is scope for higher annual production.
  10. Challenging - Writing for children should not be viewed as 'the soft option'. With so much potential and boundless opportunity, the creative mind may tempted to stray from essential considerations, such as structure, continuity, technique, story development and character design. It's worth remembering that children can be as difficult to please as the harshest critique! your manuscript out of the publisher's bin - visit the Words Worth Reading web site to find out about their services for authors.
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Was one of these reasons your inspiration to write for kids... or does something else drive you???


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