Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FREE Kindle “Dinosaurs” e-book – today & tomorrow only!


Want a cool FREE way to check out your book’s competition?  Download it free from Amazon.  And sometimes, even if a book is not at all like yours, you’ll learn a thing or two.

I’m planning a full-fledged review of Emma Child’s high-quality self-published Kindle books (also recently featured in this post about using Internet and stock photos in children’s books)… but in the meantime, I didn’t want you to miss out, because her Dinosaurs book is FREE from Amazon today and tomorrow (June 4 and 5) only.

Click here to “buy” this e-book – absolutely free before June 5th.

Not to spoil the review but – though I have found several typos in her books – Emma’s doing a lot right and we should all take a look at her books if we’re planning to publish Kindle e-books.

In particular, what I enjoy (compared to some other Kindle e-books) is that the captions are part of the photographs, so they never scroll off the page.  Also, the facts are truly interesting, and don’t talk down to kids.


Anyway, it’s free, so get clicking, quick… you’ll never regret putting in work on those “comps”, I promise!


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