Monday, June 8, 2015

The seriously YOLO guide for children’s book writers and other grown-ups.


If you were around the Internet a couple of years ago, you probably came across the sleazy wad of letters that is “YOLO.”

It stands for “You Only Live Once,” and it’s basically an updated take on “carpe diem.”  Kids essentially used it to justify doing crazy and impulsive things in the name of enjoying their one and only go-round on this earth. 

But maybe you’re wondering how it can help us, as writers, and grownups, who are not so impulsive.

Even now, a few years after its heyday, the #YOLO hashtag is still alive and well on Twitter:

and and


Basically, if you see the YOLO hashtag, you’ll know the person’s doing something you probably wouldn’t do.

But why should teenagers have all the fun, and keep what’s actually kind of a great meme all to themselves?  Let’s take YOLO back and claim it for children’s authors everywhere. 

How can YOU channel the “spirit of YOLO” to help yourself succeed as a writer? 

Follow these slightly more responsible suggestions that’ll up your odds of success.

  • imageSet aside a few hours this week, or weekend, as sacred time to sit down and write.  #YOLO
  • Quit hovering over the SEND key – get that manuscript out the door and into an editor’s or agent’s hands. #YOLO
  • Call up your local library and find out when you can come read your book.  #YOLO
  • Talk to your friend who makes pottery about splitting a booth at the local artisan fair so you can sell books.  #YOLO
  • Get up and walk around if you’ve been writing too much.  #YOLO … but it’ll be a longer, happier life in a healthy body.
  • Hire an illustrator, an editor, or anyone else you need to get your book ready.  #YOLO
  • Set up an author mailing list and toot your own horn.  #YOLO
  • Get off Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other site that’s stopping you from being the person you really could be.  #YOLO
  • Start tomorrow by doing the thing that terrifies you. #YOLO
  • Quit telling yourself your book is no good.  Enter a contest to prove it.  #YOLO
  • Life is short, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome.  #YOLO!!!

Know what my YOLO is?  Writing books that writers like you can really USE to help get your own writing career off the ground.  Here’s one you might love:

Children's Story Magic Writing Course, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod


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