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Blog tour for SCRIBBLE & AUTHOR! by Miri Leshem-Pelly


I am so, so thrilled to be hosting today’s stop on the month-long blog tour for my real-life friend and faithful critique group companion Miri Leshem-Pelly… and her new book, Scribble & Author (Kane-Miller Picture Books, 2017)!  Check out yesterday’s stop at PUYB Virtual Book Club – as well as tomorrow’s stop, when it’s posted, at Interview at Literarily Speaking.  So much fun!!!

As children’s writers all know, though, the book isn’t really about us, the writers.  It’s about our CHARACTERS.  And that’s why, for today’s blog tour stop, I decided to host an interview not with Miri herself (check out this interview for that, or Miri’s website, if you’re interested!) – but with her character, Scribble!

Why did I want to talk to Scribble?  Well, take a look and see for yourself:


Isn’t she adorable???  Just so sweet and full of spunk.  Miri is an author/illustrator – so she gets to create her own characters.  I’m so jealous.  But it’s not enough to CREATE a character – as writers we know that we have to put our character in fascinating situations. 

Here's what the book is about, in a sweet little nutshell (from the publisher):

In Scribble & Author, Scribble's journey starts on a peaceful shore called THE BEGINNING, continues to the rough, adventurous MIDDLE, and leads finally to the gate of THE ENDING, but it's not at all what Scribble expected...
Scribble is a scribble and Author is an author, but who really gets to tell the tale?
An innovative picture book about finding your own voice, making your own decisions, and writing your own story.

Most importantly, as Scribble learns in the book, whether we’re illustrating our story or not, we also have to CHALLENGE our characters – even though we love them, we have to put them in plenty of danger and then let them find their own way out.

All of which is to say, it’s not easy being a character in a children’s picture book – especially given that element of danger.  So naturally, Scribble had lots and lots to say about her own adventures and being a character in this amazing book. 

Let’s listen in:

WKB: Hey, Scribble. It’s great to meet you! How does it feel now that you’re getting all this attention?

Thank you! Finally somebody’s paying attention to me – the main character! You know, the name of the book is Scribble & Author, not Author & Scribble, but for some reason, all other bloggers chose to interview the author instead of me!

WKB: Can you tell me how you first met Author?

When I first opened my eyes I saw Author, right there in front of me. I was very excited to discover that I was inside a book. But let me tell you something - I’m the only one who gets to see Author. Readers don’t see Author. They can read what Author says but they don’t really know who Author is: a man or a woman? Maybe a boy or a girl? I’m the only one who knows. And I’m not telling! It’s my secret.


WKB: Tell us the truth. Does it tickle when you’re being drawn?

You bet it is. I love being drawn. First, Author draws with a watercolor brush and I’m all wet. The watercolors in my belly move around and mix, It’s so cool to watch! Then Author adds some pencil lines and it tickles a lot. It’s so much fun to be drawn…you should try it sometime!

WKB: I really like your boots: they’re powerful and fashionable. Do they give you any special abilities?

Thank you! I love them too. But I don’t need my boots to give me special abilities; I have many exceptional talents of my own. Speaking of fashion – what do you think of my necklace?

WKB: Your story got a little frightening at some points. What was the scariest part for you?

Well, I was happily walking down the Slope of Fears, wondering why it’s called like that, when suddenly a gigantic roll of tape heads down in my direction! That moment was so scary.

Image result for scribble and author

WKB: Did you ever think you might not make it to the end of your story? Did you ever want to turn around and go back home?

Yes, for sure! I had moments when I wanted to stop my journey and go back. You know, the beginning of the story was a beautiful beach. I sat in my beach chair, sipping juice and enjoying the breeze. But when I walked on and got to the gate of the Middle - there was a monster waiting for me there! So I decided to go back to the peaceful beginning. But Author encouraged me to go on with my story and I’m glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to the amazing ending!

WKB: You and Miri have been doing a lot of workshops with kids lately – what’s the most fun when you’re meeting new friends?

Miri and I went all the way from Israel to the U.S.A. together and visited kids in Albany and Vermont! The kids loved me. They even wrote a letter, saying: “Scribble is the best, she is nice and really kind.” And in one place, the kids had a workshop and they created friends for me! That was so thoughtful of them. I wish I could give them a hug.

WKB: What do you think kids can learn from all of your exciting adventures?

Do you really think kids can learn from my adventures? That is so flattering! But I think maybe you’re right. I had some difficult moments and I didn’t give up. I also came up with very cool inventions. I think kids can learn from me how to be brave and smart. And modest!

WKB: I loved meeting Spot at the end of this story. Are there more adventures ahead for you guys together?

I sure hope so! I love Spot. He is my best friend and together we can do the most exciting things. In this book, I felt a bit lonely. I had my adventures alone and I wished I had a friend. Finally I have one now – and I can’t wait to go on new adventures with him!

WKB: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me!!!

Thank you! And if you ever want to talk again, you know where to find me. I’ll be inside the book Scribble & Author. Come back any time!

Image result for scribble and author

Scribble & Author is available on Amazon.com – I highly recommend you check it out to find out more about this awesome character and along the way, teach children about the essential elements of a great story!

All images in this post (c) 2017 Miri Leshem-Pelly, from the book Scribble & Author.

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