Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do you know about the FREE Children’s Story Magic writing course?

New session begins February 1st!

Here's what you'll get, in 30 days:

  • Character - creating heroes and villains that we'll love
  • Wonderful words - choosing and using the best nouns, verbs, adjective and more
  • Dialogue - tools to put words in your characters' mouths
  • Plot - crafting a story that keeps us on our toes

Each day's email is a tasty, bite-sized 100 words long.  That’s super-short, because I know you’re super-busy. 

Every day, you’ll be challenged, through examples and exercises, to think about successful kids’ books… and about your own.  Let’s get YOUR book off your hard drive and into kids’ hands sooner than you could ever have dreamed.

For more details on February’s session, you'll need to join my mailing list (click the link or just scroll down), if you haven't already,  I’ll send out details within the next week so you can sign up in time.

This course won’t be free forever.  I’m still trying to decide in what format to continue it:  as an ebook or as a paid course (what do you think I should do?). 

Either way, it won’t be around long.  Hop on board now while you have a chance!

(p.s. even though February only has 28 days, you’ll still get all 30 days of the course!)

I’ll make it really easy to sign up for my mailing list.  Just type your email in the box below and make sure you reply to the confirmation that you’ll get automatically.

Let’s make Children’s Story Magic together!


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